Manage every trip. Paper-free. Digitally.

Connect your locations.

A train ride to the airport, a relaxing flight and get a rental car to the hotel at your destination.
Perfectly organised with travelload. - Reisemöglichkeiten

Multi devices.

Whether from at home, the office or on the road: With the apps and websites from travelload you can access you itineraries everywhere at any time. - Reisemöglichkeiten

Status. Check-in. Gates. On all flights.


travelload reminds you of upcoming trips
via automatic push messages with the current status of your flight.

Driving directions. Traffic conditions. Travel times.

Traffic conditions.

In order to help you arrive on time and relaxed, travelload shows you on the map
where there are hindrances on your route.

Connections. Status. Platforms. On all your rides.

Automatically create travel plans.

Simple forward your email confirmation to
We'll take care of the rest.

Assistant function.

Organize your traveller team.

Manage several travelload itineraries comfortably from at home.
Coordinate private or business trips for whole teams or groups.
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